Should Candidates' Sons Serve on the Frontline?

Bond added that a lot of his policy decisions were influenced by his son's service, especially when it came to supporting additional equipment and veteran's health care.

When asked whether the future vice president should have to cope with the added stress of having a child in the military, Bond responded, "They better."

"There are a whole lot of American families who have family members over there and then dad or mom go to work everyday at tough jobs," said Bond. "And they go knowing they have a son or daughter in combat and potentially in harm's way."

"If they can do it, I don't know why someone who holds political office and is supposed to represent the people who serve can't do it as well," said Bond.

VIP Soldiers: Help or Hindrance to Their War Unit?

The Army maintains that all soldiers are treated equally -- even those of high-ranked politicians -- but those who have served aren't so sure, and worry that not only might Palin or Biden stand out among their unit but they could also endanger the other soldiers.

"There was definitely special treatment [for VIP soldiers]," said Riley. "You could tell that people looked out for the sons of commanders or general officers. There was definitely added concern."

William Keylor, an international relations and history professor at Boston University, said that should a high-profile soldier be identified by the enemy, the entire unit could become a target.

"There is not only the issue of the safety of the individual soldier but also the safety of the company," said Keylor. "That is, if the enemy identifies this high-value person it might lead to very serious problems for the people who are in their vicinity."

Keylor points out that earlier this year the news that the U.K.'s Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan prompted the young prince's return home after the government became concerned that his celebrity could make him and the other troops prime targets.

"The Queen is not even in the same position as the president of the United States -- she is much more symbolic -- but I can only imagine the problems that would have been caused if her grandson had been captured," said Keylor.

But no matter what Biden and Palin decide come Election Day, the Secret Service will be assigned to one of them, even if they are forced to relocate to Iraq.

Ed Donavan, spokesman for the Secret Service, said that the agency is ready to protect whichever man becomes the son of a vice president.

"We're mandated to protect the immediate families of sitting presidents and vice presidents," Donavan said, "and we're certainly ready to fulfill our protection mission anywhere in the world."

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