Michelle Obama and Walmart Join Forces Promoting Healthy Food


"Efforts like this show us that 'yes' we can improve how we make and sell food in this country. We can do that." She said all across the country people are stepping up to improve nutrition.

Mrs. Obama has tied to attack the nation's childhood obesity epidemic head-on. She said as a mother, she understands the challenge parents face in providing healthy food for their children, and she hopes every sector of society gets involved in helping to make the next generation of children healthier.

She picked up a major victory in December when President Obama signed into law The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The law provides more resources for school lunches and raises health standards on those lunches.

Michael Jacobson, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest, cautioned that Walmart's imitative, while a good first step doesn't fully attack the problem. "I don't think it's a revelation. I think it's a nice nudge in the right direction," Jacobson told ABC News.

Wallmart wants its products as well as the products of suppliers reformulated so sodium levels are reduced by 25 percent and sugars by 10 percent. Jacobson thinks Walmart's insistence that suppliers reduce sodium could make a difference, but he says, the retailer took a baby step on sugar.

"I'm disappointed they didn't do anything with regard to soft drinks. They are the number one source of sugar and probably the biggest contributor in our diet to weight gain." Even though he'd like Walmart and the government to do more, Jacobson noted that the new charter could be a turning point. "You have this huge company using its leverage to move the food industry in the right direction. ... There's been very good progress."

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