Young African-Americans Support President Obama, but Turnout Not a Guarantee

Although moments of the Democratic National Convention may have shown flashes of the excitement surrounding the last campaign, even Democrats admit the same enthusiasm has yet to be re-created.

"In 2008, you heard people on the streets, people on trains talking about how excited they were by Obama. That is physically absent today," Sargent said.

Growing Enthusiasm, Growing Confusion: Voter ID Laws

Finding ways to pull young Americans to the voting booths will be key for the incumbent.

But while major celebrities and social media chatter may be pulling them in, something else is pushing them away -- voter ID laws.

Although brought forth in the name of combating voter fraud, Morial said he believes, "These laws are going to trick people." He saw the effort to pass the laws as "deliberate and intentional," brought about by those who "wanted to try to tamp down the votes of young people and African-Americans and senior citizens."

As a result, much of the Urban League's "Occupy the Vote" campaign to increase voter registration is aimed at ensuring people know what the laws are and that they understand what paperwork they need to provide to be able to vote.

Perhaps they may be a little less enchanted, perhaps a little less enthused, but most young African-Americans continue to support their president. There's just one question that remains: Will they vote?

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