Clinton World Hints at Ditching Old Baggage for Hillary Run


A drama-free world might be the aspiration, except, of course, for the drama.

To see why, look no further than the lingering irritation over Clinton's close aide Huma Abedin and her husband, disgraced former N.Y. congressman Anthony Weiner.

Although Weiner's self-destructing New York City mayoral campaign is all-but over, Abedin has been reportedly urged to separate herself from Weiner's unsavory headline-grabbing aura, or leave Clinton's orbit.

"Huma has a choice to make," a close associate of Clinton's told the magazine. "Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?"

And a Hillary and Chelsea Clinton takeover of the Clinton Foundation has already unearthed some griping among staffers who are nostalgic for a simpler time when being influential was mostly a function of your proximity to Bill Clinton.

"It's all people jockeying for position," a person with close ties to the foundation told New York magazine. "This is an operation that runs on proximity to people. Now there are three people. How does all that work?"

As if to emphasize the threat of chaos that seems to always hover on the perimeter of Clinton-world, a far less flattering New Republic story was published on the heels of Hillary Clinton's interview with New York, magazine.

The article, "Scandal at Clinton Inc," highlights the oversized role of Doug Band, a former body man to President Bill Clinton, whose constant maneuvering has raised questions about Band's role in creating a transactional, glitzy culture rife with moneyed associates who have come to define Clinton world.

And then there's the managing of the myriad of voices all purporting to speak for the Clintons.

For now, the strategy seems to continue to be: let everyone have their say and if things get out of hand, knock it down. That seems to be the case with the Ready for Hillary super PAC, which formed as an unofficial cheerleading group for a prospective 2016 Clinton campaign.

While some of Hillary Clinton's friends and donors have taken the group into the fold, a Clinton aide, following the aforementioned playbook, stands poised to maintain distance between Hillary Clinton and the group.

"There is nothing they are doing that couldn't have waited a year," a Clinton aide told New York magazine of the super PAC. "Not a single f**king thing."

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