Paul Debate Stomping Caps an Odd Campaign Year


But he also told The Atlantic, which broke the story, that he had "always been fascinated" with Nazi Germany's ability to "from a strictly military point of view accomplish incredible things."

"I Am Not a Witch."

Christine O'Donnell beat the odds, defeating an established opponent to secure the Republican nomination for Senate in Delaware.

A Tea Party favorite, O'Donnell ran on many of the conservative issues she had long championed as a television pundit. Her campaign drew additional national attention when comedian Bill Maher began releasing clips of O'Donnell from his 1990s television program, "Politically Incorrect." Her decade-old quotes, which included condemning masturbation and admitting to having "dabbled" in witchcraft as a teenager, became fodder for headlines and punchlines.

Earlier this month, O'Donnell released an ad with an opening line never before spoken in a political commercial: "I am not a witch." The ad sparked a "Saturday Night Live" sketch, countless YouTube parodies, and overnight turned her into a national phenomenon.

Alvin Greene Is on the Scene

One of the earliest signs that 2010 was going to be different occurred in June, when Alvin Greene, an unemployed veteran facing obscenity charges won the Democratic primary for Senate in South Carolina. Greene secured the nomination without making a single speech, planting a lawn sign or creating a Website.

Greene has operated his general election campaign in much the same way he ran his primary bid, shunning the press and barely campaigning. Greene has emerged only a handful of times from the campaign office he runs inside his father's house.

He addressed a local chapter of the NAACP, told a British newspaper he would grow jobs in South Carolina by having residents produce action figures in his likeness, and gave his seal of approval to a promotional rap video posted on YouTube called "Alvin Greene Is on The Scene."

Carl Paladino's Blustery Language

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino rode a wave of conservative outrage to win his party's nomination, and has made no apologies for his in-your-face campaign style.

Before winning the nomination, Paladino was dogged by a series of offensive emails he had forwarded along to friends, which included doctored images of President Obama and Michelle Obama dressed stereotypically as a pimp and prostitute, and undoctored images of a woman having sex with a horse.

Paladino has made national headlines since winning the primary, most recently for using a four-letter word to describe his feelings about proposed terror trials held in New York City. In September, he threatened to "take out" a New York Post reporter, who asked about his baseless accusation that Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo had cheated on his ex-wife while they were married.

The Rumble in Connecticut

Both of the candidates in Connecticut's Senate election have done enough to open themselves up to attack, resulting in one of closest fought races in the country.

Democrat Dick Blumenthal was caught on tape suggesting that as a young Marine he had fought in Vietnam. Blumenthal who served in the reserves, but was never deployed overseas, later apologized, saying he "misspoke."

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