Coming Up on 'This Week': White House Advisor David Plouffe

PHOTO: David Plouffe ABC News
David Plouffe

As President Obama tries to make the case for his jobs plan, is there any way he can bridge the gap with Republicans on his calls for new infrastructure spending and taxing the rich? Christiane Amanpour talks with White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe about the battle to sell the president's economic plans.

With the U.S. stock market in turmoil, can the White House turn the economy around as the political season goes into full swing? And as Palestinians push for statehood at the U.N., how will the administration navigate through difficult diplomatic waters? White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe, Sunday on "This Week."

Then, as the pain in the global economy is felt on Wall Street and in 401(k)s, what are the prospects for bringing America back from the brink of another downturn? George Will, former Obama economic adviser and University of Chicago professor Austan Goolsbee, top investment manager PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian, and Chrystia Freeland of Thompson Reuters debate whether the world is on the cusp of a double-dip recession. Can it be avoided and what does it mean for you?

And Republicans White House hopefuls face off in their latest contentious debate. Did Rick Perry stumble? Has Michele Bachmann's star faded? And is Mitt Romney winning by default? Republican strategist Mary Matalin, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and ABC News Political Director Amy Walter join George Will to debate which GOP candidate came out on top and whether any of them has what it takes to challenge President Obama.

Plus, as the Palestinians push for statehood at the U.N., will the move leave the stalled peace process in tatters? Top Palestinian activist Hanan Ashrawi talks about the bold move and what it means in the wake of the Arab Spring. And finally in a "This Week" exclusive, British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks on Palestinian statehood, a post-Gadhafi Libya and Rupert Murdoch's media malfeasance.