A Crisis of Faith in America

For me I have come to believe the opposite. I want a leader of faith. Not faith in some certain religion or political party, but a faith that is the opposite of certainty. That can sit in the doubts and still believe the truth will emerge through a process that respects all opinions. A leader who has faith and strength enough not to need quick certain answers, but can trust in a way forward however murky or uncertain it seems. I believe real confidence comes from the strength to stand in the unknown, and not have to be right.

Yes, we need more faith in politics. But not the kind of faith so many folks communicate in our discourse. I want more leaders to emerge who believe, through the doubts and uncertainties, in the faith of the American public to point the way. Leaders who can sit more quietly in the doubts of the world and with openness listen to the wisdom that comes from diverse discussion. And in that space is where our answers will come from. I am not certain about that, but I believe. I have faith.

There you have it.

Matthew Dowd is an ABC News analyst and special correspondent.

Opinions expressed in this column do not reflect the views of ABC News.

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