E-Mails Show Salahis Never Got White House State Dinner Invite From Pentagon

The Salahis' first television interview since the incident came as new details emerged about the couple's past and their interaction with administration officials in the days leading up to the state dinner.

Salahis Deny Record of 'Party Crashing'

ABC News has learned that the couple also apparently crashed a Sept. 26 dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus and were asked to leave.

Pictures from the dinner show Tareq and Michaele Salahi socializing with prominent figures, including Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., and television personality Starr Jones.

VIDEO: Socialite Reality-TV Wannabes Who Crashed White House Met President Obama

CBC Foundation spokeswoman Muriel Cooper told ABC News the Salahis were caught sitting out of place during the dinner.

"The Salahis were sitting in our gold section without a ticket to that specific table. We had security escort them out," Cooper said. "We are currently checking to see if they actually had a ticket. Many times businesses and corporations buy tables and distribute the tickets to their guests, but we are unsure if that was the case in this situation."

During their television interview Tuesday, Tareq Salahi denied that he and his wife crashed the CBC dinner, saying they were invited guests of the Gardner Law Group.

"Were we escorted out? Of course not," he said. "That's another gossip rumor, just, unfortunately, how this story got started, through a gossip column."

VIDEO: Socialite Reality-TV Wannabes Who Crashed White House Met President Obama

But Cooper told ABC News that the CBC Foundation does not have the Gardner Law Group, mentioned by the Salahis, listed as buying tickets to the Sept. 26 gala.

Tareq Salahi's brother, Dr. Ismail Salahi, said he isn't surprised by the allegations and that the couple has a history of bold behavior to attract attention.

"I was shocked, but I definitely don't put it past him and his wife to do something like this," Ismail Salahi said. He said the White House dinner crash is just the latest in a pattern for his badly-behaving brother and his wife.

"Anybody who digs a little bit on them will find they love media attention. They love the press," he said.

VIDEO: Who Are the White House Gate Crashers?

On CNN's "Larry King Live" Monday night, the couple's friends came to their defense.

"[Michaele] did say she was officially invited to the state dinner. However, I never saw the invitation," friend Theresa Foss-Conlan told King. "I know that she had correspondence with the social secretary about the attire…she had her on some type of list."

Now, White House social secretary Desiree Rogers is facing scrutiny of her own.

Critics say Rogers broke protocol, failing to station staff members at the gate, checking guest lists alongside the Secret Service -- a practice that has been standard for years.

"You always saw the social secretary right when you came in -- she's the first person you saw after security," Carol Joynt, Washington columnist for the New York Social Diary, told ABC News.

This morning, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs weighed in on the situation, telling "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer that White House security procedures are being reviewed.

Gibbs Says Security Review Underway

"We will do everything in our power to make sure that going forward, whether it's procedures here at the White House or Secret Service, that we adequately address any shortcomings that are identified, and ensure the safety and security, not just of the president but anyone who comes here to the White House," said Gibbs.

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