George Zimmerman Acquittal Ripples Through Nearby NAACP Convention


Throughout his speech, Crump was interrupted by applause from the crowd and he discussed how he sees the potential federal case, saying, "The United State Supreme Court has said that the police cannot profile people so we are not going to let ordinary citizens profile our children? This could be anybody's child, this could be your child, the precedent has to be set so we've got to ask the federal government, the Department of Justice can anybody profile our children? Follow our children, confront our children just because they look like us?"

Crump praised the peaceful protesters who have gathered across the country since Zimmerman was acquitted, saying, "We don't have to agree with this verdict. We can be upset with this verdict and that's OK, but we want all the people to be peaceful and I applaud these young people for protesting."

Crump was far from the only impassioned speaker, almost every person who stood behind the podium today mentioned the case and Martin's death.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio host Joe Madison called Martin's killing "nothing more than a modern-day lynching."

"George Zimmerman became the judge, the jury, and the executioner of an innocent child," Madison said to cheers from the audience. "You are Trayvon Martin, you are Trayvon Martin. … Don't let Trayvon Martin's death just be a moment, it has to become a movement and the difference between a movement and a moment is sacrifice."

NAACP president Jealous began his address this afternoon by bringing his own two children on stage and then called for a prayer for Martin and his family. He too joined the call of action, even promising to "roll back 'Stand Your Ground' laws."

"In a democracy, organized people can win every time, but they must be organized," Jealous said. "We will make this country safer for all of our children. …We will pass powerful anti-racial profiling ordinance.

"We will commit ourselves to ending the plague of gun violence on our streets, the plague of gun violence from the bad guys, and the plague of gun violence from the self-appointed good guys, too," Jealous said. "Trayvon Martin wasn't somebody's youth or juvenile. Trayvon Martin was somebody's baby."

The five-day convention officially opened Saturday put picked up today with the audience hearing from two lawmakers, who also mentioned the Martin case. Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, said "a young life was lost and it brings up more civil rights issues that we all care about."

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