GOP Candidate Herman Cain Calls Racial Slur at Rick Perry's Lodge 'Insensitive'


Cain's candor, while seen by some voters as a plus, has also gotten him into controversy, such as when he called black voters' loyalty to Democrats a product of "brainwashing."

"Some black people won't even listen to someone who appears to be a conservative or a Republican," Cain said. "I call that brainwashing."

Cain also came under fire after he said to a blogger in March that he would not be comfortable appointing a Muslim to his cabinet if he were elected president. Cain's defense was that as president he would not allow the Islamic law code, Sharia law, to be introduced into the American justice system.

"Some people would infuse Sharia law in our court system if we allow it. I honestly believe that," he said. "American laws in American courts, period."

Potential rivals New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said people who are obsessed with the idea that there are those who want to inject Sharia law into American justice system are "crazies."

"Call me crazy, but there are too many examples of where there has been pushback," said Cain.

Still, Cain said he would support Christie jumping into the GOP presidential race. He said he respects Christie, but does not see Christie's potential presence affecting his momentum.

"He would be another person in the contest," Cain said. "It would still be up to the people."

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