Sunday Sound: Heard on 'This Week'

5) NOONAN: Can I say this -- the president is known as an extremely bright man. He was an instructor of constitutional law. For him to say something so deeply incorrect and almost unknowing about the -- the purpose of the Supreme Court seemed provocative. At the very least sloppy and what the heck is he doing? But at the most, provocative. A real brush back. A real, I'm going to go to war with the court.

Should Hillary Run In 2016?

6) WILL: Yes, I think she ought to start raising money and plunge in. She'll have to deal with Governor O'Malley of Maryland and Governor Cuomo of New York, a whole rising generation. And at that point, the Clinton will be a distant memory in elective office, in the presidency, and it's going to look so '90s.

7) FREELAND: Yeah, I think the State Department has been the making of her. That's the really interesting point. I think in 2008, she was still really running as Mrs. Clinton, as the first lady. That was the big thing that was on her CV. And what has changed about Hillary now, she is running as a very successful secretary of state in a difficult environment, right?

George Will on Women's Admission to the Augusta Golf Tournament

8) WILL: Sure, it's an anachronism. I'm an anachronism in a great many ways. But there are women's clubs in this country. There are women's colleges in this country. More power to them……………… I don't want to join a club that doesn't have women. Some of my best friends are women. I like women. But what is the problem with allowing these people to have their anachronisms? I thought diversity was one of the signal values--

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