Hillary Clinton On Post-White House Debt: We Had To 'Keep Working Really Hard'


"But, I've obviously thought about this long and hard and the security issues around this attack or the attacks we had when my husband was president or when President Reagan was in office. You learn from them," Clinton said. "You can't always predict, you can't always sit in an office in Washington and say, 'Well we think this, this, and this will happen.' So I believe the independent review reached the right conclusion. There were problems and they needed to be addressed and we did. Whether those could have been understood earlier, I'm just not sure about that, Robin."

Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the attack.

On Her Husband's Comments About Health

Clinton also weighed in on her health, specifically her husband Bill Clinton's recent remark that her recovery from a fall in late 2012 "required six months of very serious work to get over."

Clinton laughed, but then explained her husband was referring to her concussion and the diagnosis from her doctor who told her, "'Look, you are going to be fine, you are going to fully recover. We're going to make sure of that by telling you what to do and how to do that .'"

She did acknowledge that she had "some lingering effects," including "dizziness" and "double vision."

"I worked out, I did everything that I was told to do and they said at the time in six months we need to have you come back and do a full array of tests to make sure that everything is fine and it was and I think that's what he meant," Clinton said, referring to her husband's comments.

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