Hillary Clinton Warns Iran: U.S. Remains Committed to Iraq


"Obviously, no one wants to see any human being in that condition, yet I know what a great relief it was to millions of Libyans that the past was finished," Clinton said. "And now they can move into a different future without fear and intimidation and try to make up for lost time of 42 years to develop a country that has so much natural wealth and deserves to have a democracy and prosperity."

While Clinton said that officials would have preferred that Gadhafi had been "captured and brought to justice," she said she was pleased that Libya's Transitional National Council has called for an investigation into the circumstances of Gadhafi's death.

"I fully support that, because I think that the new Libya needs to start with accountability, the rule of law, a sense of unity and reconciliation in order to build an inclusive democracy so people who supported the former regime, unless they do have blood on their hands, should be safe and feel included in this new country," Clinton said.

While McCain critiqued the Obama administration for failing to act sooner in Libya, he said attention must now turn to transitioning Libya to a more stable future.

"We really need to provide medical help for the Libyans," McCain said. "We need to get these militias consolidated under the Transitional National Council, or there's going to be a big problem."

Threat in Kenya

Clinton also acknowledged a threat from the Al Qaeda off-shoot in Africa, Al-Shabaab, against Westerners in Kenya. The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi issued a warning this weekend to Americans that there is "credible information of an imminent threat of terrorist attacks" aimed at Western targets there.

"We've been getting threats from Al-Shabaab against Americans and Westerners," Clinton said. "So it's a very dangerous, uncertain situation, and we want to be sure that whatever information we have, we immediately present to Americans who live, work or may be visiting in Kenya."

"Al-Shabaab remains a very serious threat, which is why we have taken action against them, and are supporting further action," Clinton added.

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