Where Are the Jobs? Parties Point Fingers


"The president, as you recall in his State of the Union address, indicated that we need to address tax policy in order to accomplish the objective of making it profitable to make it in America and to be competitive globally," Hoyer said. "We need to have a strategy to do so. We need to look at unfair practices of other countries, like China's manipulation of its currency, to keep its currency cheap and goods being bought by Chinese made in America more expensive."

But Republicans have steadily maintained they are running a "cut and grow" Congress. Cut now, hope to bank on positive job growth later. House Republicans have also used their former election battle cry "where are the jobs" to hit Senate Democrats and President Obama when both powers come to a divide.

"We have constantly brought bills focused on creating jobs to the floor. Repealing the job-killing healthcare law, cutting spending to end some of the uncertainty that is freezing job-creators, increasing the supply of American energy to create jobs," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. "We support effective policies to create jobs, cut spending, and increase the supply of American energy to lower gas prices ? thus far, we haven't seen any of that from Leader Pelosi's team."

Hoyer said he is optimistic Democrats will get some Republican support for the agenda, and says he hopes to work with top Republicans on committees and in leadership to build a bipartisan majority.

"This is an agenda that is not ideological," Hoyer said. "We can unify Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, all sections of the country on an agenda to facilitate making it, manufacturing it in America."

House Republicans this week are set to consider the first of three bills emerging from the House Natural Resources committee aimed at freeing up domestic energy exploration and production. Hoyer would not commit to supporting those measures, but admitted "energy is a very important component" to getting the economy back on track.

"Investment in infrastructure, investment in education, very important components of a make it in America agenda," Hoyer said. "Clearly one component of that is to assuring that America has the kind of energy that it needs to continue to power our economy in the years ahead and to have a cost-effective energy sector that is energy that Americans can afford and businesses can afford and don't drive up the prices of our products."

"I think you're going to find Democrats very focused on energy independence," he added.

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