Chavez Gives His Security the Slip in NYC

Photo: Chavez strolls through NYC sans security

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave his security detail the slip today.

After a press conference following his annual speech to the United Nations General Assembly Chavez ducked out of the building and left his Secret Security team and motorcade behind.

According to WABC, Chavez walked out the door, down First Avenue and then down 46th Street to a en route to a destination unknown.

Chavez had just finished a press conference where he expressed his hope that President Obama will follow through on his promise yesterday to embark on a new era of engagement and cooperation.

"There was chemistry between us," Chavez said of Obama. "I don't want to attack him in any way."

Chavez had a very testy relationship with former President Bush, but appeared not have made up his mind about Obama yet.

Video of Hugo Chavez addressing the General Assembly saying Obama brings hope.

During a previous UN General Assembly speech Chavez called Bush the devil and said the lectern still smelled of sulfur. Speaking a day after President Obama addressed the world body Chavez said the podium smelled like hope.

The charismatic and controversial Venezuela leader drew laughter and applause from the assembled crowd during his speech to the General Assembly, but did express concerns about America's global military presence.

He continued his criticism of a US agreement with neighboring Colombia to use military bases there to help combat narcotraficking. Chavez has dismissed those claims and says the bases threaten Venezuela and the region.

ABC's Ayana Harry contributed to this report.

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