John Edwards Confessed to Mistress Money Cover-Up


"That was so astonishing to me," Toben said. "The clear message I got was if he was offered a slot he would take it."

Toben arranged a meeting with an Obama campaign official and told an Obama operative that the campaign should take seriously the stories reported in National Enquirer about Edwards' then unconfirmed mistress and baby if considering the senator for the posts of vice president or attorney general.

"Usually, they get it wrong. In this case I don't think they did," Toben said of the tabloid's reporting.

Tobens said he was let down by Edwards' behavior.

"I thought he betrayed the trust of the people he spoke for," Tobens said.

Edwards' lawyers sought to depict Toben and Young as embittered men, angry at Edwards and out to make money off their knowledge of his affair.

In a series of emails between Young and Toben, the men routinely disparage Edwards and his wife Elizabeth, who was dying of cancer.

In his emails to Young who was writing a tell-all memoir at the time, Toben calls Edwards a "pathetic little man" and "a sick evil bastard."

"I can't wait for you to OUT him," Toben wrote to Young. "He's an ass and always will be."

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