Meet Larry Klayman: Man Behind the NSA Lawsuit

Klayman: "There was no question it was me. If you look at the people that were the writers on the show…DeeDee Myers in the White House, Lawrence O'Donnell – now with MSNBC, and Pat Caddell who's a former Carter pollster. I was flattered by it even though they poked fun at me because we made it into the pop culture."

ABC News: What are your next steps?

Klayman: "We have many lawsuits. We're representing families of SEAL Team Six. We're advocating protests and peaceful nonviolence, civil disobedience, to try to get the government to become responsive to the American people. If Gandhi could do it in India, we could do it here. I will not be deterred by attacks from the left or anyplace else, that actually emboldens me more to do what I think needs to be done."

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