Michele Bachmann: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview


RON CLAIBORNE: Okay, just to be clear then, no-- no comment on the-- this now fourth allegation against Mr. Cain?

MICHELE BACHMANN: No, I-- I don't have anything to add.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay. In-- in the Iowa straw poll you won earlier-- earlier this year, this summer.

MICHELE BACHMANN: I won-- I won-- I was-- no candidate ever got in later for the straw poll than I did and won. And no woman has ever won the straw poll before. So, I was extremely gratified to the people of Iowa for giving me that win.

RON CLAIBORNE: Okay, that was-- that was in the summer. Now-- if you believe the polls, you're in the single digits and running fourth, maybe fifth in Iowa. What happened?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, the-- the political fortunes have really mirrored Wall Street, haven't they? People-- we've seen one candidate after another go up and go down. But don't forget, four years ago at this time Rudy Giuliani was number one. Everyone expected he would be the Republican nominee and the standard bearer.

And Fred Thompson was number two. John McCain was way back in the pack at this point four years ago. I'm doing exactly what I need to do to win. I'm explaining my pro-growth policies and how I'm gonna bring the country together and-- pull us back from this obvious decline that we're in. So, I'm explaining that to people in Iowa. And now I'm here in South Carolina today. I'm doing exactly what I need to do-- spreading the message and gaining more support.

RON CLAIBORNE: If-- if you do not win-- in Iowa in the caucus, and if you don't win in South Carolina, can you continue your candidacy? Would you?

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, that's-- that's a discussion that we'd have then. But, of course, that'd be foolish and premature for us to talk about that now, because I'm doing exactly what I need to do, is get the message out. People need to know that I'm a woman who means what she says and says what she means.

And that'd be very different to have in a president. I'm not a politician. I am a real person. I came from a home where we-- we had gone below poverty. And I worked my way out of that. And I worked my way through college, met my husband. We started our own successful business. We raised our five biological kids. We raised 23 foster kids in our home. I know what it means to struggle. I get it. And that's why I have such a heart right now for moms all across the country who are also struggling.

It is real. People are l-- looking at losing their homes. And a lot of them, in fact, have. And the biggest program of all, Ron, is if you look in the month of October, there isn't-- heads of households did not get jobs. There was job losses. The people in the all-important age group of 25 to 55-- those are the heads of households, those are the ones raising a remember-- there was not job gains in that entire category.

This has gone on for a long time. Five hundred thousand jobs have been lost in the category of the people who are trying to raise that next generation. That's a lotta single moms out there, too. And so I'm trying to reach out to them to say, "Look, we can turn this around. And I've got the formula for success."

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