A 2012 Tryout: GOP Hopefuls Gather At Conservative Conference

But Huckabee was not joking when he laid the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill right at Obama's feet: "It was not Tony Hayward's disaster," Huckabee said, referring to the former BP chairman. "It was his."

Tea Party darling Bachmann did not spare the Obama administration from criticism either, saying that the president had betrayed Americans and spent the last two years "trampling on the rights and values of the people."

She declared herself "giddy" at the prospect of revamping government with GOP electoral wins across the country this fall: "In November, the voter is going to speak again and this time I think they're going to shout."

Video of Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on the stump with guest star Sarah Palin.
Michele Bachmann on Trail With Palin: Obama Will Be One Term President

Bachmann threaded her speech with a narrative of constitutional conservatism, references to the founding fathers and a lengthy and impassioned retelling of a story of American heroism during World War II that ended with a Bible passage.

She also lashed out against what she called the elitism of Washington where politicians make the rounds of "wine and cheese parties."

"I prefer tea parties," Bachmann said.

Her broader message, like that of other speakers on Friday, was decidedly anti-government. The pursuit of happiness, she said, is not a "license for hedonism."

"This is about individuals having the right to the fruit of their own labors," Bachmann said. "I know you realize this, but it bears repeating: The government doesn't create wealth. The government doesn't create money. We do."

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