Mitt Romney: Transcript of ABC/Yahoo News Exclusive Interview

MITT ROMNEY: You know, I've-- I've spoken about abortion many, many times-- when I served as governor. And a piece of legislation came to my desk that would have expanded-- the-- the ability of-- of government to-- to authorize the-- the creation of life or its destruction. I said, "I-- I cannot participate in that." Indicated that I was pro-life. And I've been proudly pro-life-- ever since.

With regards to gay rights, if someone's looking for someone who will-- discriminate against gay people, that's not me. From the very beginning, I said that I favor-- the absence of discrimination against people-- based on their sexual orientation. At the same time, I said I was opposed to same-sex marriage. Same view I've had throughout this period. But look-- again, we're gonna have folks doin' their very best to deflect from the issues that are-- are driving this campaign. And those issues include-- the failure of our economy.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: One of the core economic issues is, of course, health care reform. And you-- passed health care reform that-- in-- in the State of Massachusetts that you're proud of for that state, but our poll this week also shows that 48 percent of Republican primary voters are less likely to vote for you, because of the issue of health care. Doesn't that raise the hurdle for you to get the nomination, when almost half the Republican primary voters see one of your core legislative accomplishments as a liability?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, it-- it comes from-- from having solid beliefs that you stick to, by the way. That maybe answers the first question that you-- that you raised. And that is one of my core beliefs is that-- that states have the right to craft their own solutions to their own problems. And-- we did that in our state. It's not perfect. There's some things I'd change in it. There's some things I could do better second time around.

There's some things that the current administration is doing that I don't like. But one thing I know, Obamacare is a very bad policy, a very bad law. The people of America want to see it repealed and replaced with something that'll actually work. And I-- I think I'm the only Republican candidate in the-- in the field that's actually laid out what I would do to get our health care system working, lowering costs, and at the same time, making sure people have access to health care. So for me, it's pretty straightforward. Repeal Obamacare. Let states be the place where people are able to fashion solutions to their own needs.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, we've gotten thousands of questions over Yahoo and And several-- several come in a similar vein. One of them comes from JustMe at Yahoo, "Would you cut your own benefits and those of the Congress and Senate before cutting Social Security, Medicare, and veteran benefits?" In the same vein, Ellen Williams (PH) of Sunrise Beach, Missouri says, "Will you take a salary, if you have substantial personal wealth, why not work for a dollar?"

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