Obama Downplays U.S.-Israel Tensions After Meeting With Netanyahu


Egypt Receptive to U.S. Debt Relief

More widely in the Arab world, the reaction to the speech was also less positive than some in the administration might have hoped.

In North Africa and the Middle East, the general reaction has been "more of the same, no substance." Despite Israeli outrage, the 1967 proposal is being taken in the region as continued support for Israel because there was no mention of refugees, Jerusalem and settlements.

Some critics say they believe Obama is dangerously meddling into affairs that are not within his reach. "Tell Obama to leave us alone," a young Egyptian told ABC News.

On the other hand, Obama's economic outreach has been well received, especially in Egypt. The United States will provide a debt relief of $1 billion to Egypt -- one of the United States' oldest and closest partners in the Arab world -- and guarantee another $1 billion in loans to finance infrastructure and job creation.

In Egypt, Thursday's headlines bore not a word about Obama, but today's newspapers highlighted the $2 billion for Egypt above the fold. While there are some who say "we don't need your money," by and large it has been well-received and is appreciated.

But the gesture has fallen short of reversing public opinion.

ABC News' Jake Tapper contributed to this report.

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