Obama Shakes Money Tree for Dems Ahead of Tough 2014 Cycle

"The timing of this fundraising swing couldn't have been worse for the president and his political team," Manley said. "I assume they're hearing from the liberal base about just about every issue under the sun right now--whether it's Obamacare, NSA spying or anything in between."

Though Democratic officials downplay the significance, tickets to one of Obama's fundraisers today were deeply discounted the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week.

And at an event on immigration reform in San Francisco today, Obama was heckled by pro-immigration reform activists who pressured him to end the deportations, while Congress is stalled on reform.

Republicans are coming to view the implementation of the health care law as their greatest political boon, so they won't be eager to shift attention away from that an onto other issues like immigration reform or gun control.

Even news of a brokered deal on Iran's nuclear program this weekend prompted Sen. John Cornyn to suggest that the president was seeking to distract from the health care law's troubles.

"Amazing what WH will do to distract attention from O-care," he tweeted late Saturday night.

It remains to be seen whether Obama's numbers will rebound -- as they have in the past -- and whether 2014 will prompt a full-scale revolt among vulnerable or even potentially vulnerable Democrats running.

But in the meantime, at the top of the president's agenda should be working overtime to extend a lifeline to his fellow Democrats, Galston said.

"The president's position now has to be that he will be inclined to do almost everything that the party asks him to do to get them out of a tough spot, which to some extent he's responsible for putting them in," Galston said.

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