Our Next President: The Magnificent Seven Values

4. Humility. Our current pope has shown clearly that walking the walk of humbleness and modesty is one of the best forms of leadership one can employ. I understand it takes a healthy ego to run for president, but we need to get past the arrogance of people who think they are smarter than everyone in the room or who think they are a gift to us as a country. While we want to look up to the president and see him or her as better than ourselves, we certainly don't want our leader to believe that about him or herself. Today, we need less Hail to the Chief, and more Amazing Grace, where being a fellow sinner is seen as a value, and not as a liability.

5. Relationships. Our next president must see there is more long-term value in building sustainable relationships across the aisle and across the country than in winning some short-term victory by pushing and threatening and relying on mere partisanship. This country is in dire need of a president who puts a premium on rebuilding the American community. And it should start with how he relates to the opposing political party. And these relationships should not be held together by the fleeting nature of transactions, but by a sincere desire to create a lasting bond. And in this we will get a president who is leader of the country more than leader of his party.

6. Delegation and Accountability. Our next president should be able to exercise creative leadership and management through the ability to delegate tasks in a complicated and global world, and allow people the creative space to try new ways and sometimes to make mistakes as they grapple with difficult problems. We have had two presidents in a row who have done this well, but have often left out the second part of this management and that is to hold people accountable. We can trust people to do the work, but as President Reagan said we must also verify they are getting it done efficiently and effectively. Without accountability coupled with delegation, we end up not having leadership but a breakdown in the system of governing.

7. Vision. It is important we have a president with a vision of where the promised land is and how we might get there. They don't need all the answers, but in this 21st century it is going to take an entirely new way to move forward that is not based in the old tactics, institutions and strategies all of us have grown up with. It is going to take a vision of an entirely new way to organize government and problem solving that is way beyond the scope of the way we are organized today. It is going have to be a vision where a leader lets go of the Republican and Democratic plans of the past, and moves us into the future in a totally different way. As I watched the last two presidents say they wanted change and then devolve into partisan strategies of yesteryear, I am reminded of the saying that the "definition of insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting different results."

These are my seven values I am looking to see how the candidates in 2016 line up with, as well as how I live them out each day in the leadership I exercise in the small circles of my life. What values are you looking for in a president or a partner or most importantly for your own good self?

There you have it.

Matthew Dowd is an ABC News analyst and special correspondent. Follow him @matthewjdowd.

Opinions expressed in this column do not reflect the views of ABC News.

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