President Obama, DNC Mobilize 2012 Campaign Volunteer Army


"It was kind of a big moment in my life," he said. "It didn't really inspire me to work toward some particular policy goal as much as it inspired me towards a motivation to work harder for families and workers in general."

Many volunteers also seemed more inclined to blame Congress and Republicans than the president for any shortcomings in reform legislation related to education, immigration, and the environment.

"It's not him [Obama], it's Congress," said Valentina Pereda, 22, who said she joined the organizing effort because of desire to see the DREAM Act enacted.

"We have a Congress that's so anti-immigrants right now," she said. "But it's also our fault too. We've got to get a national movement organized and that's why I'm here."

Campaign manager Jim Messina has said the campaign is going to keep metrics on everything the volunteers do. But aides have not revealed what those data points are.

As one campaign staffer at the training put it: "We have our data person who's going to come in and talk about the data, which obviously we're very militant about."

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