Teddy Roosevelt Is Lovable Loser in Washington Nationals' Game 'Presidents Race'

Others hope the Nationals' success isn't tied to Teddy's, given his record -- but perhaps the other way around.

"There are a lot of people who think it's going to take the Nationals going to the playoffs or even winning the World Series to let Teddy win," said Ableman. "We want it to happen."

Despite the losses, Teddy's diehard fans still have hope and the chance to see him finally win a race keeps them coming to the ballpark.

ABC News talked at the racing presidents before one of their final races of the 2009 season. The foam heads don't really allow for two-way conversation. Teddy was confident he could bring home a win. His rivals emphatically indicated he stood no chance.

Unfortunately, there was no great end-of-the-season triumph for Teddy Roosevelt. He finished 2009 winless and his fans struggled to come up with an explanation for the ineptitude.

"You know, he is recovering from a hamstring injury from a few weeks ago, so he was at a disadvantage," said Ableman. "Some offseason workouts and we can hope he can be ready to be competitive next spring."

Perhaps Teddy's fans, and Nationals' fans, can take comfort in that old Chicago saying that has keeps Cubs fans going: "There's always next year."

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