No Quit in 'Accidental Activists' for Gun Background Checks


"In her op-ed, Senator Ayotte says that she voted to improve the existing background check system, but the bill she voted for [Grassley-Cruz] did just the opposite by narrowing the categories of mentally ill people who would be prohibited gun purchasers and potentially calling into question millions of names already in the system," said John Feinblatt, chairman of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and chief policy adviser to Bloomberg.

"Despite the senator's claim that the current background-check system doesn't work, it has blocked over two million dangerous people from buying guns."

There is little indication, at least publicly, that any senators have decided to change their votes.

But at least one Republican who voted against the bill, Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., has said that he supports background checks and might back a revised, more narrowly worded bill.

Sen. Manchin hinted Tuesday that a new bill might be on the way.

"I truly believe the background check bill is possible to get passed," Manchin said on CBS. "Well ... we're going to have to make some adjustments to it and find out where the comfort zone is. But what we need to do, really, is be out and educate the law-abiding gun owners like myself, people that might belong to the NRA or other gun organizations but don't believe this is a threat to their Second Amendment.

"This bill ... not only protects your Second Amendment," he added, "it expands the Second Amendment."

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