Rahm Emanuel Focuses Fire on Mitt Romney


"I think it's very difficult for the Democrats on that committee to enter into a negotiation, not knowing where the White House is," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla, said on "This Week." "They don't want to get their legs cut out underneath them as they agree to some entitlement reform measures that later on the White House decides they don't want to support in an election year."

But Emanuel said Obama is not to blame for the lack of agreement, saying Congress was in charge of the process, and that the president worked to put penalties in place if a deal is not reached.

"He put an insurance policy in there, that if you fail, if Congress doesn't do its job, there is going to be an automatic cuts," Emanuel said. "And that was the insurance policy both to motivate them, but to make sure that America got the types of changes and cuts and reforms that were necessary."

And while Emanuel said Obama and Democrats have shown they are willing to compromise, he said Republicans are preventing a final deal.

"They will not move," Emanuel said. "They have refused to budge on a single piece of their agenda. That is not how you get to an agreement."

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