Activists at March for Life Rally Demand Tougher Abortion Laws, Overturn of Roe v. Wade


"A country that is able to kill their own children is kind of a hypocrite country to me," Anthony Rivera, 15, from Charlotte, N.C., told ABC News. "How can you decide that a fetus is not a living thing? If it is not alive then it is not a baby. And if it's not a baby then you're not pregnant. So it's not terminating a pregnancy, you're just killing a life. So how can we have a country that kills our own children?"

Many of those present said they are counting on the Tea Party members elected to Congress to make a move and keep the issue at the forefront on their agenda.

"I think they're trying, they're trying to make a difference. Only time will tell what they really have to say and what they really did," said Amy DeLisi of New Jersey, who came to attend the rally with her husband and two daughters.

This was the 37th such gathering for anti-abortion activists. The first "March for Life" was held in 1974, a year after the Supreme Court's controversial Roe v. Wade decision.

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