USS Enterprise Capt. Owen Honors Temporarily Relieved of Duty


On ABC News' "Good Morning America" today Lt. Carey Lohrenz, a former female Navy pilot, also defended Capt. Honors, saying the video had been taken out of context.

"I think it's important to remember this is being taken, to a certain extent, out of context," Lohrenz said. "We need to proceed very cautiously when we just automatically have a really strong reaction and say, 'Hey, this guy needs to be out of there."

Not everyone on the page defended Capt. Honors' behavior.

"A laugh shouldnt come from such offensive material especially from such a high ranking officer," wrote Benjamin Daniel Jenkins, whose comment received many angry replies from Honors' supporters.

Other retired military officials disagreed with Captain Honors' videos, regardless of the context.

"I'll laugh along with South Park along with everyone else but that's not his job. He's the senior leadership on that ship, he sets the tone of what is appropriate and what is not. You can bring comedians on the ship and that is good for morale, but that's not his role on this ship," retired Marine Corps Col. Steve Ganyard, a former F-18 pilot who commanded an Air Group, told ABC News.

Some posters on the USS Enterprise's Facebook page disagreed.

"Leadership in the Military continually strives to catch the attention of young service members it is not an easy task. At times a leader may come dangerous close to the lines of what is inappropiate [sic]. I believe Capt. Honors was trying to make himself approachable by his crew as well as improving the morale on a ship," wrote Dwayne McConnell, who said he had served aboard the Enterprise during a 2001 deployment.

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