Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

The Clark campaign clearly appears wary of New England candidates like Dean and Kerry who have been campaigning heavily in New Hampshire, both physically and over the airwaves.

Bennett also said Clark and the campaign "want to pick their battles and not their campaigns in the best terrain they got," focusing on New Hampshire and talking again about what one senior adviser called the "MacArthur strategy."

The general's campaign is now officially in New Hampshire, kicking off the week with a campaign stop in Nashua to talk with local business leaders and citizens about the economy and preview his second of four policy speeches.

While the campaign was reluctant to release Clark's doctor's name, several campaign staffers said Clark is getting over a very bad viral throat infection and laryngitis, but that he is definitely on the road to recovery. Clark hasn't ever had laryngitis, so ABCNEWS contacted some doctors in the ear, nose, and throat field to see what they thought about this sickness that has kept him off the campaign trail for four days. The response was overwhelmingly the same: He shall be fine.

One doctor added, "I would guess he has been talking a lot more than usual and shaking lots of hands which can result in self-inoculation with viruses. President Clinton commonly had hoarseness for long periods due to his allergies and need to talk for long periods. Regular public speakers should learn proper vocal technique to avoid injuring their vocal apparatus, but often they do not do so."

As for Mrs. Clark — you won't see her on the campaign trail this week. Aside from numerous volunteer commitments, Mrs. Clark told ABCNEWS that she will be traveling to California for her daughter-in-law's baby shower.

Clark's Cold Causes Schedule Changes

Oct. 17 — General Clark has been sick and it's gotten worse. His scratchy voice and cold seemed to have become the flu or a throat infection.

So, in a last minute decision yesterday, Clark took his charter plane back home to Little Rock, Ark., rather than continue onto Michigan for the Arab American League Conference as scheduled.

The campaign has not formally announced that the general has had to cancel. Traveling press secretary to the campaign, Jamal Simmons, is in Detroit as a possible surrogate for the campaign.

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