Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

And, before the forum ended and before Clark headed back to his table to eat his entrée, he remembered he had a Clark04 pin in his pocket. He took it out to pin it on one woman whom he later referred to as a "Republican for Clark."

General listens while his voice recovers

Oct. 24 — General Clark went on a listening tour Thursday in New Hampshire after a relapse of laryngitis rendered him barely audible on the campaign trail. It seemed to be all anybody could talk about: "Is The General taking medicine?" "How did he re-lose his voice?" "Is the campaign frustrated that the candidate cannot speak?"

The answers to the above quiz: Clark is drinking lots of hot water with honey; he told a small group of reporters he lost his voice after speaking at a fundraiser Wednesday evening at the Sheraton hotel in New York City (but campaign staff on the road say The General's voice was going out during interviews following his economic policy address); and as for frustrations, the traveling staff did not seem too bothered by The General's condition — they just reminded him to stop whispering.

Clark attended the New Hampshire State Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Manchester last night. He was the only Democratic presidential candidate to attend, although Lieberman's son attended, as did Gephardt's daughter and supporters and regional staff for Dean and Lieberman.

Sitting at a table next to The General was Dick Swett, sans wife, Katrina. Swett wore a Lieberman sticker (Katrina is an outspoken supporter of Lieberman) but told ABC News he respected General Clark and wished his friend well in the race. Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe and Governor Jeanne Shaheen both spoke.

The General is reluctant to mount an offensive

Oct. 23 —

For now, General Clark is staying above the fray and holding back on attacking any of the other Democratic candidates. At the Phoenix debate, Clark said, "I am not going to attack a fellow Democrat, because I think everybody on this stage shares the same goal."

And, Clark has even gone so far to commend some of his opponents--most recently this week in Nashua he spoke of John Kerry's decision not to vote for the $87 billion saying: "I'm proud of the fact that John Kerry didn't vote for it."

Unlike the other Democratic campaigns, the Clark '04 campaign has not put out any negative releases. This is not to say the campaign staff will never attack. In fact, in reaction to the AP's Lieberman story yesterday where Lieberman implies Clark is "Bush lite" to his "lifelong Democrat," Clark spokeswoman Kym Spell responded by saying: "The reason that most Democrats and most Americans see Joe Lieberman as aligned with George Bush is because many of his positions are Republican and conservative positions."

One of the first comments amongst the press after General Clark concluded his economic policy speech yesterday was how passionately he spoke at his economic speech, often times yelling to get his point across. One reporter said, "For a guy with laryngitis, he sure yelled a lot."

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