Dick Gephardt on the Campaign Trail

At the "Every Child Matters" forum on the UNH campus, Gephardt ripped into President Bush for his under-funded "No Child Left Behind" program and paid tribute to a high school teacher who helped him apply to college.

When the floor opened up for questions, a 13-year-old girl named Lil asked, "What kind of a student were you in high school?" Gephardt laughed, then sighed. "Oh my gosh … well, I was a geek … let's start there." "I was a fairly a good student. I wasn't at all an A-student. I did good but I wasn't at the top of the class." Recognizing his deficits he said, "I was not very good athlete. I'm coordinated but I'm not really good at any of these things" … ."I played tennis. I was an alternate on the high school tennis team, which means I wasn't any good." "I participated in school plays … I was in a musical called Sweethearts."

Leaving the UNH forum an elderly attendee fell down the concrete steps outside and cracked her head open. It was bleeding profusely. Demers called 911 and gave me and others instructions, and I held towels from the bathroom against the back of her head before the paramedics arrived. Gephardt found out the woman's name and number later in the day and called her up to wish her well. She was all stitched up and feeling fine.

I asked Gephardt whether the trip indicated a new New Hampshire strategy. "We're going to work hard in New Hampshire, I've worked hard in New Hampshire through the past nine months. You know in the last 30 days, we were concentrating on Iowa and trying to get everything we needed to do done there. And now, we're going to now work on a full strategy. We're going to work in New Hampshire and I'm working in the other states that come after New Hampshire."

After several New Hampshire stops, it was time to head to Boston for a meeting with Harvard students and then an appearance on "Hardball." The campaign was running late. The four-car caravan sped down Route 2 at about 80 mph led by Mike, a Gephardt intern at the wheel of his fancy new SUV that he won in a raffle.

Chrissy loves dad and campaign, but not pie

Nov. 3 — Bill Burton, Gephardt's Iowa press secretary, calls Chrissy Gephardt "the campaign's most effective secret weapon."

Chrissy was reportedly thrilled with Saturday's front-page New York Times story about her and the influence she has on her father's campaign, particularly when it comes to gay rights issues. (LINK) The article hit the stands as she made a swing through eastern Iowa, making 10 stops in three days.

When speaking to young crowds, Chrissy gives a stump speech drawing from personal experiences, just like her father. She talks about her personal experiences as a social worker and addresses domestic violence and women's health care with her mostly younger audience.

She differs from her father, however on one major thing: she doesn't like pie. While her pie-loving dad is regularly the recipient of freshly baked pies when traveling in Iowa, Chrissy was given a piece by a supporter this weekend and had a very different reaction. "I don't really like pie but this is still really good," she reportedly said.

Chrissy courts Iowa youth

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