Dennis Kucinich on the Campaign Trail

Saturday night Kucinich attended an Ohio Natural Law Party fundraiser in his honor, arriving late because he couldn't tear himself away from the Ohio State student union, where students were watching the Buckeyes beat Penn State by one point in the game's last minutes. The fundraiser had the feel of a spiritual retreat (complete with the relaxing music one might hear while enjoying a seaweed wrap at the spa) trapped in the setting of an insurance convention.

In a cavernous Columbus Convention Center conference room, party founder John Hagelin and others lauded Kucinich for being "the leading light of natural law in politics at this time." An outsider trying to determine what exactly Natural Law members stand for would have been hard-pressed to understand Hagelin, a quantum physicist who likes to draw parallels between scientific principles and politics, but the gist lies in Hagelin's belief in "holistic unity," the idea that we are all one, that all conflicts can be solved in non-violent ways, and that "we can quell violence and terrorism through fields of meditation."

The information booths outside the conference room bespoke the so-called "new age" thinking Kucinich is often criticized for espousing, and included a booth denouncing "The Seeds of Deception: Genetically Engineered Foods," two shoeless Asian women performing Falun Dafa (a form of Tai Chi), and a bookstand selling such titles as "The Wicca Prayer Book," "The Wisdom of Trees" and "Oracle of the Goddess," among others.

Kucinich locks down during toy gun incident

Oct. 31 —Congressman Kucinich was in Washington Thursday. Locked in his Rayburn office while the toy gun perpetrators were hunted down, he kept busy firing off missives to the Bush White House.

First, Kucinich released a statement bashing Bush's visit to his home state, saying "Ohio needs more than a politically expedient trip. We need jobs." But what about that growth spurt the economy is enjoying and its potential to take the air out of the Democrats' argument that the president is weak on the economy?

Kucinich congressional chief of staff and spokesman Doug Gordon told ABC News, "The number one priority is jobs and it's still not clear that this growth will provide any sustainability … you need a long term plan and tax cuts to the wealthy is not a long term plan, nor is throwing $87 billion to Iraq. There are plenty of issues out here this president's weak on."

Next, Kucinich blasted Bush for not taking up the Russian Federation's offer to provide use of their Ilyushin-76 Waterbomber aircraft, currently off the coast of California, for assistance in putting out the wildfires ravaging that part of the country.

Kucinich calms down for breakfast

Oct. 28 — Kucinich kicked off day two of this week's New Hampshire visit with a primary rite of passage, the Politics and Eggs breakfast at the picturesque Bedford Village Inn, where recent speakers include Dick Gephardt and, last spring, Karl Rove. The audience, made up mostly of local business people, was different than the usual groups of supporters and union workers Kucinich is used to, and the tone of his speech was accordingly more somber and calm, less populist and impassioned.

What about the issue of that Dean ad Kucinich swore he would not let go of and planned to announce legal action about soon? No mention of it today. But the campaign was eager to talk about a string of new endorsements, most prominently actor and activist Danny Glover.

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