ABC 2002: Third-Party And Independent Candidates

Arizona: Richard Mahoney, a populist libertarian who wants to repeal the state income tax, and Barry Hess, an Independent and former presidential candidate. Mahoney has some statewide name recognition, public financing, and has access to the media. If the race is close, he could be a significant factor. Nebraska: Paul Rosberg, a rancher, formed his own group, The Nebraska Party, rode across the state in a buggy, and will join the two major-party candidates for their debate. Pennsylvania: Libertarian Kenneth Krawchuck and Green Michael Morrill will both be on the ballot. They will not be in the debates this fall, which should get them some "complaint" coverage. Ohio: Steve Linnabary is running as an independent. Oklahoma: Gary Richardson, a former U.S. attorney and former Republican, is polling rather well. He's running as an Independent and polls int he double digits. Tennessee: Watch both Ed Saunders, a charismatic independent, and perennial candidate John Jay Hooker.

House races where third-party candidates could make an impact:

AZ-01: very competitive, newly drawn district will attract a Libertarian and a Navajo candidate. CA-18: Libertarian Linda Degroat is running for Gary Condit's district. CT-05: Walter Gengarelly, an ex-fighter pilot, is running as a Libertarian. FL-05: This race features Independent candidate Jack Gargan, of Reform Party and "Throw The Bums Out" fame. GA-03: Ronnie Thompson, is running as an Libertarian for this new seat. IN-07: Engineer Andy Hornung is running as a Libertarian in this tight contest. KS-03: The Libertarian and Reform parties are running candidates. MN-02: Democratic Rep. Bill Luther's campaign manager admitted to the press that he encouraged No New Taxes candidate Sam Garst to enter the race and try and take votes away from GOPer John Kline. MN-06: If the Independence Party runs a coordinated campaign, candidate Dan Becker may get more than a few votes. MS-03: Libertarians and Independents have jumped into the Shows/Pickering race here. NV-03: Independent Pete O'Neill has qualified for the ballot. NH-01: Dan Belforti, an investment banker, will run as a Libertarian. NJ-05: Both a Libertarian and Independent will be on the ballot for retiring Rep. Marge Roukema's old seat. SD-AL: Libertarian Nathan Barton may well tip the balance in what's looking like a very tight race. TX-05: Green Party candidate Tom Kemper and Libertarian journalist Dan Michalski are both running.

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