Morning Political Note: Knots

And Senator Ted Kennedy, chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, will be in Chapel Hill, NC (home state of a junior Senator who votes with him an awful lot of the time) today for a series of events on early childhood education.

On Tuesday, President Bush will take part in a Rose Garden photo op with the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, then head to Philadelphia for a fundraiser for the GOP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, and a roundtable discussion and speech on early childhood education.

First Lady Laura Bush and Queen Noor will attend the Washington Ballet's 25th anniversary celebration at the Kennedy Center.

On Wednesday, Bush will make remarks on early childhood education at the White House. Out in Denver, Vice President Cheney will headline a fundraiser for Senator Wayne Allard (R) and the Colorado GOP.

Thursday's presidential events remain TBD; Bush may do some traveling. Vice President Cheney will star at another fundraiser, this one for Senator Tim Hutchinson (R) in Little Rock. And First Lady Laura Bush will attend a cancer event in Dallas with Cherie Booth (Blair), wife of the British Prime Minister; Britain's First Couple will arrive at the Crawford ranch on Friday.

Also on Thursday, Tennessee GOP Senate candidate Lamar Alexander will host a fundraiser for New Hampshire Senate candidate and Rep. John Sununu in Nashville, and Senate Majority Leader Daschle will head to New York for two days of fundraising there.

On Friday morning, President Bush will head for the Crawford ranch, getting there in time to greet British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife; the visit will last till April 7.

Also on Friday, Senator John Edwards will keynote a Buchanan County, IA Democrats fundraiser. On Saturday, Edwards will head home to North Carolina to appear with Senator John Breaux at the North Carolina Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Raleigh.

And on Sunday, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean will march in the Greek Independence Day Parade in Boston.

Also from the ABCNEWS London Bureau: US authorities reportedly are holding a man captured in Pakistan who is believed to be a senior member of the al-Qaeda network. The man is thought to be Abu Zubaydah, a key lieutenant of Osama bin Laden and the biggest catch yet in the war on terrorism. Abu Zubaydah is a senior al Qaeda operational planner and is believed to be in charge of an attempt to reconstitute the al Qaeda network. The man believed to be Zubaydah was apprehended in an overnight raid on Wednesday when about 60 people, including 29 mostly Arab and Afghans, were arrested by Pakistani security forces. Unclear whether Americans participated in the raid.

The Middle East

David Sanger's New York Times piece presents the Bush "quandary" this way: "To build Arab support for his impending confrontation with Iraq, Mr. Bush knows he cannot afford to alienate other Arab nations, whose anti-Israel declarations have grown in vehemence and urgency, along with their demands that Mr. Bush restrain the Sharon government." ( )

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