The Web's Best Political News Summary: Feb. 7: Let's Get Workable:

From the ABCNEWS London Bureau: The manhunt continues across Pakistan for those responsible for the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl … Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reports that three Afghan civilians were killed by a missile fired by remote control from a pilotless CIA aircraft in the southeast of the country. Last night, U.S. officials in Washington said they believed an al Qaeda leader had been killed in the missile strike, but the private AIP news agency said the missile hit a group of young men in the Zawar Khili area, 20 miles southwest of Khost town and 10 miles from the Pakistani border on Tuesday night.

Reuters reports that U.S. aircraft have launched bombing raids over parts of eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border where remnants of the Taliban and al Qaeda are believed to be hiding. U.S. aircraft bombed the Mafazatoo area of Gorboz district, about 12 miles to the south of the town of Khost, on Tuesday and late on Wednesday … Dozens of Palestinian gunmen, shooting and throwing homemade bombs, stormed a Palestinian police post in the northern West Bank on Thursday and freed six militants detained there. The gunmen overpowered police in the city of Jenin and freed members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant movements for fear Israel would target the Post in response to a Palestinian attack on a Jewish settlement on Wednesday … Overnight Israeli warplanes attacked a Palestinian Authority building early on Thursday in the West Bank city of Nablus, wounding 11 people, after the Palestinian attack on Hamra settlement.

Budget Politics

Republicans obviously have not given up on their efforts to demonize Daschle, even though every indication is that no one outside zip codes starting with "200" (and his constituents) have ever heard of the guy. And the press overall continues to give him mostly a pass on his willingness to use Senate rules to thwart the will of the majority on some issues.

Nevertheless, Republicans beat on. The latest: an e-mail from the Republican National Committee deputy chairman Jack Oliver (a/k/a the man who carries out White House orders) to the party faithful, urging them to call Senate Democrats' offices and complain about the death of the stimulus bill — complete with high-tech, webby links to phone numbers of the congressional offices.

The language is familiar: "Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle on Tuesday announced his intention to unilaterally kill President Bush's bipartisan economic security package in the Senate even though a majority of Senators support the plan. With his pronouncement, Daschle and partisan Democrats have denied Americans much needed economic relief and put their own self-interest above that of America's out-of-work and uninsured families."

"Under the obstructionist leadership of Tom Daschle, the partisan Democrats have officially become the 'Won't Do' Senate. Daschle WON'T allow the Senate to vote on legislation unless it has the support of 60 Senators. Partisan Democrats WON'T put aside the partisan games for the sake of our economy."

As Democrats remain totally clueless about a comprehensive budget message that would get them what they want substantively AND help their candidates in November, they are getting the gift of some time to get their act together, since the Republican in-fighting is ratcheting up more than a bit. While some GOPers are fighting for more spending, some leaders are still agitated over the deficit spending.

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