The Web's Best Political News Summary: Feb. 7: Let's Get Workable:

Our gut tells us that in the natural cycle of things, some of those partisan opposition researchers and journalistic diggers in Texas are about to gush forward with a second wave of material from various Texas archives. See last night's AP story about Ken Lay's personnel influence with then-Governor Bush of Texas for an idea of what we mean.

But also see this, about which Democrats in Washington are already buzzing: we always have loved the Florida open records law's presumption in favor of disclosure, and so does the Tampa Tribune , which scores today with a piece showing that Jeb Bush "held a 30-minute phone call with Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Lay and fielded questions from Marc Racicot, who was an Enron lobbyist and is now chairman of the Republican National Committee." . ( )Bush

"E-mail messages and calendars, released Wednesday by the governor's office under a public records request by the Florida Democratic Party, show a concerted Enron effort to bend Bush's ear."

This despite his insistence last week that Enron never tried to curry favor with him.

"Bush spokeswoman Katie Baur said Wednesday the governor had forgotten about the Enron meetings."

"'The governor has an excellent memory, not an infallible one,' she said."

""This was nearly a year ago," said Baur, seeking to keep plenty of distance between Bush and the company now under intense congressional scrutiny. "Enron was riding high; it was the seventh-largest company in the nation. It would have been unusual for him not to return a phone call."'

Today, a state House hearing convenes, trying to figure out how the state lost $325 million of its pension money in the collapse.

The Fort-Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel previews the hearings. ( )?coll=sfla%2Dnews%2Dflorida

Meanwhile, the The Wall Street Journal continues to pore through corporate filings and comes up with this: "[E]xecutive agreements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the years disclose that the most senior (Enron) executives, who enjoyed … elite arrangements, were … able to shield their special pension packages from bankruptcy and protect them from creditors by sheltering them within private partnerships."

Enron Politics

The Los Angeles Times looks at how Enron has exploded into a big but tricky, glass-houses-and-stones issue in the California gubernatorial race: "Republicans Bill Jones and Richard Riordan say Gov. Gray Davis cozied up to Enron by secretly talking last year with the company's ousted chief, Kenneth L. Lay. But neither condemns the Bush administration's own private meetings with Enron officials while shaping its energy plan. Democrat Davis lumps former Los Angeles Mayor Riordan with Enron by accusing the city of gouging the state during last year's energy crisis. At the same time, Davis is fending off calls to return more than $100,000 in Enron campaign cash." ( )?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dcalifornia )

Cheers to NBC News, for giving full and repeated credit to their source material in doing an entire "Nightly News" spot last night based entirely on a Maureen Dowd column. ( )

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