Morning Political Note: Jan. 28

In a report that may soothe ruffled GOP feathers (and inspire even more SOTU cheering), Roll Call points out that President "Bush, Cheney and first lady Laura Bush will make as many as 50 appearances this year on behalf of Republican incumbents and challengers, according to House GOP officials, with Cheney accounting for approximately half of that total. The president would do roughly 15 events, and Mrs. Bush another 10 under the plan, although there are still questions about what role, if any, the first lady will have in the fall campaign. The appearances will be a mixture of fund-raisers and campaign events designed to exploit Bush's and Cheney's popularity." (

"Cabinet officials and other senior administration figures, including White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, may be thrown into the mix to help, as well. Former President George Bush is also expected out on the campaign trail and has already raised money for Senate GOP candidates in Missouri and Minnesota."

"Cheney himself is scheduled to do fundraisers for GOP Reps. John Doolittle (Calif.) and Richard Pombo (Calif.) next month, and the White House recently pledged to have Bush take part in an upcoming fundraiser for Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.)."

President Bush will begin his day Tuesday by breakfasting with the congressional leadership, after which he will meet with House and Senate Republican leaders in the Cabinet Room. Those are the only two events currently on his public schedule, pre-SOTU.

Also on Tuesday, the Fed will convene for a two-day meeting, and the House Commerce Committee is scheduled to hold the first of two days' hearings on Enron.

The president's Wednesday schedule remains TBD, with some SOTU promotion likely. House and Senate Republicans will begin their retreat at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. And former President Clinton will headline a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser in Los Angeles.

On Thursday, Bush will meet with the Chancellor of Germany, and on Friday, he will meet with the King of Jordan. Oral arguments will begin in D.C. U.S. District Court regarding the Mary Frances Berry/Bush Administration U.S. Civil Rights Commission war. And Democratic Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes will deliver his State of the State address.

On Friday, King Abdallah of Jordan will visit Washington, while Democratic Sen. John Edwards will head to New Hampshire.

On Saturday, former Vice President Gore will headline a Tennessee Democratic Party fund-raiser in Nashville; we've been told not to expect Gore to commit any news. C-PAC will hold its annual conference in Crystal City, Va. And, state elections directors will gather in Washington for a two-day conference.

California will see a lot of Bill Clinton this week (both he and Al Gore seem to spend more time in the Golden State, with its record-breaking 55 electoral votes, than does the incumbent president). The Sunday Los Angeles Times rounded up Clinton's public week in the state, with fund-raisers for Senator Boxer and Governor Davis. ( )

Clinton also will give a speech on globalization at UC-Berkeley, make private appearances in Palo Alto and Santa Barbara, and, the Times says, do Florida and New York fund-raisers soon.

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