Condit Lashes Out at Media

Although it appeared that many Democrats in Congress have turned on Condit, the Congressman has one source of support: His father.

The Rev. Adrian Condit told WABC Radio in New York on Friday that he does not believe his son was hiding anything — and he would have found him sincere even if he wasn't his dad.

"I didn't know what the questions were going to be, [and] I didn't know what his answers were going to be," Rev. Condit said. "when I saw him almost break down in tears a couple or three times in that interview, I knew that he was sincere, and I would have known that if he'd had been a rank stranger to me,"

"He has served his constituents well, he's done a great job not just because he's my son … Of course he's made mistakes, and I haven't always agreed with even some of his political decisions, but probably 95 percent of them I have," his father continued. "My personal opinion is that if Gary was having an election next week, [he] would be reelected."

Coming Out

Condit's interview marked a dramatic shift in strategy after nearly four months of refusing to comment publicly on his relationship with Levy.

On Tuesday, he sat down for an interview with People magazine. The following day, he mailed out at least 200,000 letters to his constituents explaining his actions. Right after talking to ABC, he granted an interview to a CBS TV station in his district, as well as with Newsweek.

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