Wesley Clark on the Campaign Trail

Clark outlines his four-point "Success Strategy":

1) End sole American responsibility for the country by, among other ideas, creating an Iraqi Reconstruction Council to replace the Coalition Provisional Authority.

2) Provide better border protection, more intelligence sources, formidable Iraqi security forces, and secure ammunition.

3) Give Iraqis a stake in the country's success by transferring authority on an ongoing basis and by naming an interim Iraqi government with a constitution written by Iraqis.

4) Creating a New Atlantic Charter to "reinvigorate our security partnership with Europe."

The Clark campaign is planning what seems like the biggest fundraiser to date on Nov. 16 in Los Angeles at Morton's Steak House. The event chairs — producers Irving Azoff, Norman Lear, and Jordan Kerner, as well as hotelier and restaurateur Peter Morton — have just sent out the invitations.

Sources tell ABC News that the highlight of the evening will be a performance by members of the The Eagles, who are also named as co-chairs. Tickets are pricey — $500 if you're only there to catch the concert. Throw in dinner and cocktails and you're giving $2,000 to The General's campaign.

Clark hits spin room for the first time

Nov. 5 — ABC News has learned that the Clark campaign will soon announce the addition of Political Director Lara Bergthold. The Los Angeles native relocated to Little Rock as of Tuesday night to work in the Clark '04 campaign offices, reporting to Campaign Chair Eli Segal. Bergthold has been traveling with General Clark and his "road team" as an adviser since the first week in October, but has had no formal title until now. Before joining the Clark campaign, Bergthold was the co-chair of the Board of People for the American Way and the former executive director of Hollywood Women's Political Committee.

Last night marked The General's first time in the spin room following a presidential debate. And sticking with his "I won't criticize other Democratic candidates" mantra, Clark downplayed the Dean/Confederate flag issue.

Clark said: "I think it's very important we bring Southern voters to an understanding of differences between the two parties. And that the real differences are not on the sort of culture wars of litmus test issues like guns — I've got a lot of guns in my house, I've been shooting my whole life. The issue is, how do we work together to improve the lives of ordinary Americans." And then he added. "I'm against the divisiveness of the Confederate flag."

Clark communication director Matt Bennett, however, did not hold back on attacking Dean. During the debate, a Bennett statement was circulated in the press room that said Howard Dean, "was wrong when he refused to condemn the Confederate flag."

And Tuesday was all about The General being … well, hip. He raps, in fact, though his body man, Amad, says it sounds more like Sinatra than Tupac. At a closed press appearance yesterday, staffers say that The General rapped for a larger-than-usual crowd. When ABC News asked Clark's son, Wes Jr., if he has heard his father rap he answered, "yes, unfortunately."

A woman asked Clark last night if he's really an Outkast fan, like his 30-second spot suggested. His answer? "I can shake it like a Polaroid picture."

Clark imitates Rangel, gets ready to ski

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