Howard Dean on the Campaign Trail

The campaign is placing their faith in their New Hampshire organization and in those "peculiar" Granite State voters who have a history of turning the tables on Iowa outcomes. In case you are wondering how peculiar these voters are, here's a visual: Dover resident Judy Hammond will take her pet Binx the Goat to the polling place tomorrow night. (Binx makes campaign appearances for the Governor by trotting around town in a blanket marked up with Dean for America logos. The Governor and the Goat both have their own Web sites and have a David Letterman connection. Binx once auditioned for Stupid Pet Tricks, but wasn't "stupid" enough to make the final cut.)

The Dean campaign says they are retaining 80 percent of ones despite last week's deflating loss. State director Karen Hicks also says that they are converting their twos and threes and "moving in the right direction." At this point, she adds all that she can do is "worry and watch."

Tuesday, the Dean New Hampshire state's plan sets its wheels in motion. Dean leaders and their teams will be present at all the polling places. Retiree Marcia Moody, for example, began preparing lunches at 5:15 this morning. As a Dean comfort leader she will distribute the lunches to volunteers holding up signs in front of the polls in her area. Moody runs a Dean volunteer center out of her own home and testifies that not one person swayed from her camp as a result of the "I Have A Scream" speech.

Moody says that she had never contributed money to a campaign before Howard Dean inspired her last year. She adds, "And that's remarkable since I live on a retiree's income." It's small dollars from people like Moody that the campaign is banking their electability strength upon. The Dean green machine admits that they spent more in Iowa and New Hampshire then they had planned. "Chalk it up to nerves," says one adviser. But they are still bringing in more dinero than the rest of the pack and have the biggest war chest to fight President Bush. "We're budgeted through March 2," says spokesperson Jay Carson. The Comeback Bat put up a few days ago has taken in over $550,000 and the campaign says they have raised close to 1.8 million dollars since Iowa.

The Governor will make radio calls throughout the day from his Manchester headquarters and from the Merrimack Restaurant. He will also greet voters at two polling stations. Following a Primary Day "Victory" party, he is expected to drive home to Burlington, Vt., today for a down day on Wednesday with family before picking up again Thursday in South Carolina.

The Dean campaign has two television ads up in New Hampshire. (His Carter ad and a bio.) Other February 3 states are up on the radio and the decision to go back up on T.V. is pending.

Happy Trippi

MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan 22—A reporter looks over a photographer's shoulder on the press bus. On the photographer's laptop--a series of pictures of Joe Trippi and Governor Howard Dean taken just moments before the candidate hops on his People Powered bus to a debate. In each frame, the candidate looks focused. His campaign manager's hands are raised and his mouth open. It's like a coach giving his quarterback a last minute pep talk before the final play.

Following the debate and the Primetime interview, the coach was smiling as he stood before cameras in the spin room waiting for his live two way to begin. The lost and found blazer replaced by the long, formless trench coat.

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