CIA Leak Trial Moves to Jury Deliberation

Wells called Libby's conversations with government officials "background" and asked the jury to consider that the government has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The defense ended their closing argument noting that Libby had "one of the highest stress jobs in the country", referencing the time period in 2003 when Libby was preoccupied with national security intelligence.

Wells became passionate and emotional, almost in tears in his closing, asking the jury to be fair to Libby: "This is a man with a wife and two kids...I gave him to you, just give him back to me."

The Prosecution's Rebuttal

In his rebuttal, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald discredited the defense argument that Libby didn't consider Ambassador Wilson or his wife important by referencing separate notes Libby exchanged with a CIA briefer and Vice President Cheney that indicated otherwise.

Fitzgerald used a clipping of Ambassador Wilson's New York Times op-ed which Vice President Cheney wrote a handwritten note on to show that Libby thought it was an important issue. "His boss thought it was important," Fitzgerald said.

In an impassioned closing, Fitzgerald said of Libby, "There is no memory problem...he had a motive to lie."

"He made up a story and he stuck to it: Aren't the FBI, the grand jury and the American people entitled to an explanation?" Fitzgerald asked the jury.

Fitzgerald closed saying: "[Libby] obstructed justice he took the truth from the judicial system."

Jury deliberation begins Wednesday.

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