When the Sins of the Children Are Visited Upon Their Parents

Giuliani's three marriages have already become somewhat of an issue and been politically exploited by the wife of candidate Mitt Romney, who noted that her husband "had only one wife."

"Being related to a president [brings] more problems than opportunities," said Doug Wead, a former aide to Bush. Wead is author of "All the President's Children." His historical research found "higher than average rates of divorce and alcoholism and even premature death." He wrote, "Some presidential children seemed bent on self-destruction."

But the impact on the candidate is not necessarily lasting. Even William Henry Harrison's grandson Benjamin was elected president.

And it can cut both ways.

"One child can follow in their father's footsteps, the other may not," said Hess. "John Adams' one son, John Quincy Adams, became president of the United States. Another son was an alcoholic who knocked up a woman and committed suicide."

Andrew told ABC News that, "We are both working on our relationship. No matter what he's done, I love my father. This is something families go through every day."

"Almost all presidents have had a black sheep for a brother, sister or child," said Hess. "But we're a pretty sophisticated bunch when it comes to electing the individual, not the family."

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