Kucinich Round Two: Same War, Same Place

At both New Hampshire speeches, Kucinich staffers left a small glass mug and paper cup on a table full of bumper stickers and yard signs so voters could contribute $1 at a time.

"Every little bit counts!" one staffer said as she looked at the cup.

Kucinich told voters people were joining his campaign one by one, and the media would come.

"As this campaign starts to emerge in New Hampshire -- and it will -- there will be a level of excitement not only in this state but in other places as we start to move up as it nears the election. That excitement is going to be like watching your favorite team play in the finals of the NCAA and come from behind and everybody gets involved in the story," Kucinich, presumably disappointed by Ohio State's recent loss to Florida in the national championship, said.

Some voters at the town hall meeting suggested that Kucinich run as an independent, believing his voice would be heard more clearly, but others told him not to give up on the Democratic Party.

The congressman stood strong with his Democratic roots of 30 years, saying he wouldn't run as an independent.

"I'm an independent-spirited Democrat," he said. "But people ask me all the time, why is it that you don't run as an independent? My answer … I'm doing missionary work."

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