Falwell Rallied Moral Majority, Riled Critics

When pneumonia hit him in February 2005 Dr. Falwell promised his family he would stop preaching for a while.

But as Easter approached, he returned to church and said, "You're the crowd who prayed me through, and I am so very, very grateful."

Heart problems slowed him some, but he remained fairly active.

In April 2006 he told ABC News' Terry Moran that he would continue working and was more concerned than ever about morality, especially among young people.

Falwell did change some positions over the years.

As a young man, he supported racial segregation. Later, he spoke out against racial discrimination.

Falwell sometimes felt the media did not give him a fair break.

Twenty-two years ago, this reporter unexpectedly ran into Falwell in a famine-ravaged part of Africa.

He said he was there to help innocent people who were suffering, but he felt the news media would portray his visit as a public-relations stunt.

He said he had come to Africa for one reason only: it was the Christian thing to do.

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