Republicans Blast Clinton, Obama for Anti-War Vote

Edwards Pushes Dems to Left, Giuliani Pushes Back

In an interview with ABC News' David Muir on Friday, former Sen. John Edwards lamented congressional passage of an Iraq funding bill without withdrawal language and repeated his charge that the "war on terror" is "nothing more than a political slogan."

Giuliani took equal aim at Edwards and said that the Democrats running for president are "highly unrealistic and…in denial about the threat that America faces from the Islamic extremists."

"A war on terror is going on all around this world, terrorists are here or coming here planning to kill us. And if you can't recognize that, I don't think you can lead," Giuliani said in response. "If you can't face reality, it's very, very hard to safely lead people."

"As commander in chief, I will keep this country safe," Edwards told ABC News while campaigning in Iowa. "What I will not do is use political slogans to try and justify behavior you can't otherwise justify -- the ongoing war in Iraq, Guantanamo, the illegal spying on Americans. What this president has done is use a bumper sticker to try and justify behavior that otherwise can't be justified. And he hasn't kept the country safe."

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