Ames Straw Poll: Fun, Firearms and Elvis

"I think the integrity will be substantial," McCormick said, noting that volunteers from the county auditor's office will be on hand during the vote.

BBQ, Ice Cream and Firearms

Candidates are trying to attract attention and support with gimmicks that range from the intriguing to the questionable.

Supporters of Tommy Thompson, an avid motorcyclist, are completing a two-day, 400-mile motorcycle ride from Madison, Wis., to Ames, Iowa.

"We wanted to do this because we love Tommy, he is one of the most down to earth politicians that we've ever met," said Vicki Sanfelipo, organizer of the "Team Tommy" ride. Saturday, Thompson will don his biker clothes, climb onto his Harley and lead the bikers to the poll.

Huckabee will perform with his band Capitol Offense, Saturday, playing bass guitar to cover tunes of Elvis and the Beatles.

Most of the candidates will have barbecues and cold drinks.

Huckabee supporters are bringing watermelons to the poll from the governor's hometown of Hope, Ark. Among them will be Jackie May, who is bringing 200 watermelons from Arkansas to Iowa for the poll, among them a 150-pound watermelon.

In addition to having "Elvis" serve up ice cream straight from the Hunter campaign RV, his campaign will is reaching out to the NRA crowd, holding a free drawing for an $1,800 shotgun.

"He's a big outdoorsman and a huge advocate of Second Amendment gun rights," explained Hunter's campaign press secretary Roy Tyler, noting the campaign will have a firearms dealer on hand to make the transaction legal. "Any hunter in the world would drool over the thing."

ABC News' deputy political director Teddy Davis contributed to this report.

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