Transcript: 10 Freshmen Lawmakers Talk With Diane Sawyer

VIDEO: A look into the energized representatives who are fired up and ready to go.

DIANE SAWYER: Welcome. Here you are. Can you believe it? Anybody-- anybody still a little stunned?

FRANK GUINTA: I think we're ready to go.


FRANK GUINTA: We're-- we're anxious to get to work.

DIANE SAWYER: All right. Let me do something. I just want to go around each of you and ask you to give me the one word that best expresses what you felt when you walked in knowing you were here.

FRANK GUINTA: Conviction.

MARLIN STUTZMAN: I'd say humbled.


VIDEO: A look into the energized representatives who are fired up and ready to go.
Republicans: A Day Spent in Preparation

The imminence of the problems.

MIKE LEE: Expensive. (LAUGH)

DIANE SAWYER: You mean as in--

MIKE LEE: Washington is expensive. (LAUGH)

MIKE LEE: It costs the American People a lot of money.


SCOTT TIPTON: I'd say humility.


PAUL GOSAR: Energized.

MICHAEL GRIMM: Responsibility.

MO BROOKS: Gravity. As in the gravity of the situation that we face as a country.

VIDEO: New members of congress are set to take center stage and shape the agenda.
Washington Tea Party in Less Than 24 Hours

TIM HUELSKAMP: Probably humility.

DIANE SAWYER: So, where-- who's gonna live in their office? (LAUGH) We read that some of you are gonna be sleeping in your offices?



MALE VOICE: My wife said--


PAUL GOSAR: I am. (LAUGH) I'm one of the sleepers. (LAUGH)

DIANE SAWYER: And have you got your-- one of-- what do you have? A sleeping bag? A sofa?

PAUL GOSAR: I've got this little small pup tent-- I-- no, I'm just kidding. No, blowup mattress. They work out very, very well.

DIANE SAWYER: You're gonna do this the whole time?

PAUL GOSAR: Start out right now. And get up my feelings for the-- the job. I-- I usually-- go to bed late and get up early. So, I'm one of those strange people. So, hey. Cater to my-- to my little whims.

DIANE SAWYER: And-- what-- you're-- you're the second dentist, yes?

PAUL GOSAR: I'm-- I'm the second dentist currently. John Lender (PH) was also a dentist and so was Charlie Norwood (PH). But John Lender just retired. So, I-- I am one of the-- a fearsome duo.

DIANE SAWYER: Because we've been-- we've been marveling and-- and-- telling everyone about the great variety, the infinite variety of people arriving in Congress now. From all walks of life. And it strikes me there are two dentists, two ophthalmologists?

RAND PAUL: I think so.

DIANE SAWYER: So, you've got-- you've got more than a quorum here. (LAUGH)

RAND PAUL: I think we need more people from different walks of life. I think-- we need more people that have been outside of government service. I think one of the interesting things in the Senate is-- is that we have several people who have never held office before. I've never been in any office. In fact, I joked that I ran for student council in the sixth grade and was defeated and was demoralized and never ran again till I ran for the U.S. Senate. I think Mike has not held office before.

MIKE: That's right.

DIANE SAWYER: So, you were-- and you've been talking about the fact that you bring a completely different perspective. I think you said— Doctor Gosar - at one point that you don't speak foreign languages, but you speak hick?


DIANE SAWYER: Can you say a word in hick for us?

PAUL GOSAR: We don't want to go there. (LAUGH)

DIANE SAWYER: So, anybody surprised yet? Anybody encountered something you truly did not expect?

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