Transcript: Robin Roberts ABC News Interview With President Obama


But-- look, I-- I don't think it should be any surprise. I've been very clear that-- even with the death of Bin Laden, even-- as weakened as Al Qaeda is-- if you have a bunch of-- extremists who are adamant about trying to-- kill civilians that-- we are gonna have to maintain constant vigilance and create a whole series of layers-- of-- of protection and barriers. And-- you know-- fortunately, what we've seen is constant improvement on the part of our law enforcement, our military, our intelligence officers-- that allows us-- to be able to-- prevent the kind of attack that we just saw. And-- and it's an indication of-- of-- of success, but it's not a reason to be complacent. We're gonna have to just keep on workin' as hard as we can-- to make sure that-- folks don't get hurt.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Mother's Day, Sasha and Malia, do you have plans for Mrs. Obama?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know-- you know-- when I think about Michelle, I-- I always remember-- well, one of the early Mother's Days we had. And I-- I was gripin' to the girls about how-- you know, "Why do the mothers get all this attention and-- and-- you know, I don't-- Fa-- Father's Day's not such a big deal."

And-- and Michelle turned to me and she said, "Listen, every day's Father's Day, buster." So the-- so she deserves to be spoiled. Me and the girls are gonna be concocting some-- some things to-- to make sure that she knows how much we love her and-- and-- and how much we appreciate her. And-- I'm-- I'm sure there will-- some aspect of it will be handmade. You know, Malia and Sasha-- it's sort of like an arms race in terms of who can make the bigger, more creative card. And-- they're all-- gonna be all-- there-- there will be-- all sorts of-- of magic markers and pens and, you know-- you know, paper strewn all over their-- their rooms, I'm sure, over the next couple days.

ROBIN ROBERTS: You're not gonna leave Mrs. Obama on Air Force One again, on Mother's Day or anything like that?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Did you see that?

ROBIN ROBERTS: Yeah, I kind of did. It--

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Oh, it was embarrassing.

ROBIN ROBERTS: But you went back and got her.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I did. I thought she was behind me.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Right, right, right, right.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It sounds like you've been talkin' to her. She gave-- she gave me so much grief. It was-- it was terrible. But-- you know-- I-- I tell you, she has-- obviously, done extraordinary work with-- this childhood obesity issue, gettin' kids movin'. And-- part of her passion is to make sure that every kid out there is gettin' the same extraordinary opportunities that our kids get-- and that every kid's gettin' the same kind of love that she got from her parents. And-- so-- what I'm-- what I'm so proud of-- is how her core values as a mom, she's been able to translate-- into stuff that-- I think has given moms all across the country some additional tools to-- to, you know-- do what they care most deeply about, which is-- raise wonderful kids.

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