Is True the Vote Intimidating Minority Voters From Going to the Polls?


But Engelbrecht said her group's observations suggested there was "room for improvement." At last count, she said, her organization turned in 33 names to counties, and True the Vote was looking into close to 2,000 registrations that have almost identical matches. Although those might appear to be low numbers in context of the greater population, she said the 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 votes in Florida.

But Ray said voter fraud is not a current threat to democracy.

"I think that she is looking at things and perceiving a problem where a problem really doesn't exist," Ray said.

Whether Engelbrecht is dreaming it up or not, thousands of people agree with her and True the Vote volunteers will be showing up at polling places across the country this Election Day.

But Teresa Sharp is not deterred. In fact, she recently voted early in Hamilton County without incident.

"Too many people sacrificed their life for me to have that opportunity," she said.

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